No matter where you are in Canada winter almost over! We are only 18 days from the official start to spring. We are looking forward to some green grass in a few months.
The weather has been good for calving keeping everyone healthy and active. Our calving season is almost done with a small group of commercial cows left to calve the end of March. We have an exciting group of calves on the ground - Prospect calves by Black Power Play, Clean Machine, Monopoly, Dakota Gold and Hereford calves by Visa 75D, Mr. Hereford and THR 704E. We are pleased to have calved the first Visa and Clean Machine daughters and what a great job they are doing - Milk, mothering and great babies too! We are very happy with the calf crop and welcome you to stop by any time.
Our private treaty bull sale offering of polled and horned Hereford bulls is now open with a great selection of functional, sound bulls. Pictures will be available shortly on the website, come check them out I am sure you won't be disappointed.
They are priced to meet all budgets.
It is hard to believe breeding season is just around the corner, plans are in place and we are excited to be walking two new herd sires: Show Calf Division - All the Way Up (Clean Machine x I67), Hereford Division - GHC Attention 155E.
Spring steer and heifer show season is upon us. Good luck to all those showing Take The Lead purchases this year. We hope to see you at as many events as we can get too. Our Monopoly steer is doing great things for his new owners south of the border. He has won several state shows and continues to make many friends.
We are offering select group of open replacement heifers by private treaty. They are from the top of our pen, and are for sale as we are short of pasture for the upcoming season.
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The heifer and bulls are ready for your visit.
Stop by Hepburn ,SK anytime for a visit and to see the cattle.
We may be breeders of small numbers but the quality runs deep.

Watch for new photos from Kathy’s Quilts coming soon.

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The Cliffs Farm stands as Canada's oldest Hereford Breeders registering purebred Hereford Cattle under a single sir name since 1889. We have strived for over 123 years to raise cattle that excel in functionality and fit the demands of an ever changing consumer driven market. The Cliffs Farm has exported genetics across the globe and holds a long standing, highly respectable image within the breed. With the sixth generation of Reid's now registering Herefords, that is also a record within the breed.

Lead by David and Kurtis Reid, The Cliffs Farm has begun to expand and become prominent in the livestock showing circuit over the past 10 years. This resurgence in the farming operation is kindled by an absolute passion for the livestock industry and love for the Hereford breed, both evident in father and son. Although not the largest in terms of herd size, The Cliffs Farm prides itself in depth of quality throughout the herd, enabling a competitive edge for a small operation.

Our Main Goal is to raise quality, functional Purebred Herefords and Show Type Commercial Cattle desirable for any industry and adaptable to varying management styles.

Thank you for taking the time to look through the website and the cattle we are proud to display!

Feel free to contact us anytime.

The Reid's
David and Kathy
Kurtis, Selene, Carlyle and Ivadel
Kyle, Sarah, Stephanie, Griffin, Davis and Cooper
Con and Kaitlyn Keller

we are willing to work with you on...

Canadian Junior Hereford Association / 4-H members / Club Calves

The Cliffs Farm is dedicated to working with juniors to help further the Largest and Strongest Junior Breed Association in Canada and across the world. David, Kyle, Kurtis, Kaitlyn and now Griffin represent THREE generation of Canadian Junior Hereford Members within the Reid Family. David participated in the first ever Bonanza and our family have never looked back!

If a junior member purchases a heifer calf from The Cliffs Farm we are committed to helping the junior member if they so choose to grow out that female, get her ready for a show or simply keep her until she is ready to breed.  The Junior member will then have the choice of the bulls running that year at TCF to breed their female, AI requests will be discussed.

We believe that juniors are not only the future of our breed but a strong piece of the present also. They make up nearly 60% of the Canadian Hereford Association and have the largest membership of ANY junior breed association in Canada! Call for more details on our Junior Commitment.