For sale- 2024 Private Treaty Bulls

THR 305L
Attention x Visa/10L/P20

We like this bull a lot. Great BW, dual purpose with look and shape. Great marked and off a dominant U06 cow family. He is quite good.

THR 306L
119J (Attention) x NJW Foundation

This is the 6th bull off a hard working, moderate framed and beautiful uddered cow to sell in our pen. She is just so consistent. Super quiet, well built and has some muscle.

THR 315L
119J (Attention) x B52/10Y/P20

This bull is massive in his rib and extra thick. First glance you just think, soggy. With great hair and foot he is impressive in the flesh. 315L is the combination of our two most prolific cow families, U06 and 63U. I could write a short story about what this bull is backed by.

THR 316L
Attention x Visa

Moderate and chunky. His full sister was our high selling bred in 2022 and is sweet. He has top and hip with the right kind of markings.

THR 320L
Attention x The Goods/63U

Our best 2 year old is his full sister, one of the best heifers we have ever sold was his full sister in 2021, 63U cow family strikes again. I would keep every heifer off this bull without hesitation. 320L has a shot of extra stretch with the shape and body to balance.

THR 322L
704E x The Goods

Moderate, huge middled, big topped and athletic. This bull is a highlight for sure. A great balanced bull we think highly of. His full sister shown by Austin Krieger has as good of an udder as you can draw on one.

THR 325L
H022 x PCL Gainer (4013)

Heifer bull option with some presence and natural muscle. His mother was our pick of the Airriess bred heifers and proved her worth first try.

For sale- 2023 Private Treaty Bulls

Ryder 3H x Strategy Z303

Growth and performance with pigment and a super quiet temperament. 95lbs BW, cow bull.

Attention x Visa

Great build and extra long bodied. Full sister was out high selling female in 2022, calved out she is beautiful. Udder quality and consistency is built into this cow family. 87 BW, cow bull

Attention x NJW Foundation

Moderate framed and lots of middle. This bulls mother does it year after year, a breeding piece for sure. He's really sound with good muscle shape. 86lbs BW, Large Heifers and cows. Horned, pasted at birth.

Attention x Visa

We are quite high on this heifers first calf. Big top and a hip to match plus the boldness of rib and look of a herd bull. His mother is a top pick of people visiting the herd. 76lbs BW, Use on Heifers and Cows. Scurred

Attention x The Goods

A bull that brings numerous positives together. Soggy, dark coloured, great balanced and heavy muscled. Plus his build/birthweight makes him a dual purpose option. 89lbs heifers and cows. Polled,

Visa x The Goods

We retained this bull to clean up cows last year. His first calves should be hitting the ground early March. His mother has raised multiple high sellers in the bullpen and in our female sale (LOTP Tag 2, 2021). The 63U cow family backs this bull and to us that type of consistency is attention worthy. If you want honest performance, substance and muscle in a package we would keep every heifer off of, this is your bull.

Paddy O'Malley x Wheatland Predator 922W

One of the biggest hipped, boldest ribbed bulls we have ever produced. This awesome looking baldy is stacked maternally and just flat out impressive. Reserve Grand AOB Bull- Lloyd Stockade THF PHAC, 103BW, Cow Bull. Polled

Maternal Made x Unstoppable (Curly Jane). ET

If you are into power cattle with massive amounts of hair, ring the bell. This bull is truly stout built, an extra rib long and great looking. Plus his donor dam is exceptional. THC PHAF, 108BW ET, Cow Bull

3/4 Hereford, 4B
Attention x Unstoppable (Curly Jane)

Jane's natural calf off Attention. Small headed, smooth shouldered and a quality look. Great haired with a solid foot under him, use with confidence. THF PHAF
84lbs BW, Heifers and Cows.

2022 Ladies of the Prairies Hereford Sale
Online Sale October 9th 2022 with SC Online Sales
We are excited to welcome everyone to view the 2022 Ladies of the Prairies ONLINE sale offering. Our Female sale is brought to you by progressive Herefords breeders located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Taking the jump and going online with SCO is something totally new for Canadian Hereford breeders. The females in this sale come from the heart of each program and are backed by breeders with the utmost integrity and passion for great cattle.

Please feel free to contact any of the consignors to visit and learn more about their consignments and their livestock program. This year on offer are show heifer prospects with big time replacement potential, outcross genetics and some top cut bred females ready to make you money, that is what our group of three consignors are all about.

Once again thank you for taking time to view of sale offering and we look forward to talking Herefords with you again.

Follow the link view catalogue to register to bid at SC Online Sales. This sale will be held in Canadian Dollar Values.

- Kurtis Reid

TAG #1

Ryder 3H x B52/Beyond
DOB: 06/01/2022
Tattoo: THR 205K
This is a heifer backed by two cornerstone cow families in our herd top and bottom. 205K has a feminine and attractive look through her front third and shoulder but still has the muscle and shape to set herself apart. Her build is intriguing, her performance evident.

TAG #2

Attention 155E x 99W
DOB: 20/01/2022
Tattoo:THR 216K
Easy to pick out. Short marked, extra volume and rib. Her maternal sister has a top bull calf in to 2022 group and a gorgeous udder. I've always thought of 216K as a great blend of cowy build and eye appeal. Cows make money.

TAG #3

Attention 155E x TGK Roots
DOB: 11/01/2022
Tattoo: THR 210K
As long bodied and crisp lined one as you can ask for. She has been a pasture favourite through the summer. Really sound, with plenty of stoutness, I think she has the pieces to develop into the consistent breeding piece her cow family is known for at TCF/Misty Meadow. Owned with Spence.

TAG #4

Attention 155E x About Time
DOB: 11/01/2022
Tattoo: THR 211K
Consistent is what I think of looking at this heifer calf. Her mother just doesn’t miss, she has sisters in several purebred herds doing real well. 211K is a soft made, deep flanked heifer that from behind has some width back to her pins and a solid foundation. Owned with JVJ.

TAG #5

Attention 155E x Visa
DOB: 19/01/2021
Tattoo: THR 117J
Here is a bred heifer we have watched develop with a lot of excitement. Another female backed with a cornerstone cow family. A solid looking hereford female with character about her head and neck. She opens up into her spring of rib and muscle shape from behind like the good ones do. Observed bred to THR 704E April 4, 2022. Exposed March 26-July 29. Preg check Safe.

TAG #6

4013 x TH Farve
DOB: 01/01/2021
Tattoo: THR 103J
This is a deep bodied, brood cow in the making. An extra rib longer than most and she has the substance to match. She is bred to Attention, that is going to be an exciting mating. Plus her mother is one of the best uddered cows we’ve had. Observed bred to Attention 155E March 26, 2022. Exposed March 26-May 1. Preg check Safe. Owned with JVJ.

TAG #7

Attention 155E x Boomer 18L
DOB: 03/02/2021
Tattoo: THR 124J
A real nice marked, moderate statured heifer with some look. She is off an older school pedigreed cow that always brought foot and bone to the table. One we feel will continue to develop and work hard for you. Observed bred to THR 704E April 15, 2022. Exposed March 26-July 29. Preg check Safe. Owned with JVJ.

TAG #8

DOB: 04/01/2022
Tattoo: MAN 204K
A Worr Owen Tankeray Y79D daughter that has extra length and dimension. She is out of an MHPH Action 106A daughter that can definitely get the job done and put pounds and dimension on her calves. We really like the Tankeray daughters at our place and 204K is no exception.

TAG #9

DOB: 06/02/2021
Tattoo: MAN 136J
Another Worr Owen Tankeray Y79D daughter that we really appreciate for her extra body and structural correctness. Her mother JX 42x has been a staple in our cow herd. AI ed April 5 to Churchill Majestic 903G Exposed to Manchester 903G Justice 141J May 15- sept 4.

TAG #10

TCF 75D Ryder 3H x PCL Zircon
DOB: 01/27/2022
Tattoo: MORT 10K
Julie had to work hard to get Logan to agree to consign MORT 10K. This cow family is incredibly consistent in producing good uddered structurally balanced females with power and eye appeal. A maternal sister to 10K is a highlight in our herd! The sire of 10K, Ryder 3H was The Cliffs Farm 2021 high selling bull. We are confident that 10K is a female that you can take out and show, then bring her home to be a foundational female in your herd.

TAG #11
All The Way Up (Maine/Chi) x Hereford (The Goods)

DOB: 01/18/2022
Tattoo: Crossbred
This Black Baldy has been a favourite since birth. A long bodied heifer that is well balanced and attractive in her hind leg. There is plenty too her, she won’t get out powered that’s for sure. Her mother is a favourite too, she just doesn’t miss. She’s raised two other knock out steers that won 4H weight divisions and last years Paradise Hill 4H Club and St Walberg Regional Champion steer. THF PHAF by pedigree.

TAG #12
All The Way Up (Maine/Chi) x Visa/The Goods/Red Ang

DOB: 02/07/2021
Tattoo: Crossbred
We could have sold this heifer 10 times over through the fall and as bull customers came around. I kept her specifically to offer in this sale. Good looking, Black Baldy, big bodied, nice haired, balanced and thick! She is a good one. You can breed her so many different ways for success. Her mother raised me a knock out steer this year, first pick of the 2022 steer crop. THF PHAF by pedigree. Observed bred to THR 704E May 16, 2022. Exposed May 7 to July 29. Preg check Safe.

For sale- 2022 Private Treaty Bulls

Visa x The Goods

We retained this bull to clean up cows last year. His first calves should be hitting the ground early March. His mother has raised multiple high sellers in the bullpen and in our female sale (LOTP Tag 2, 2021). The 63U cow family backs this bull and to us that type of consistency is attention worthy. If you want honest performance, substance and muscle in a package we would keep every heifer off of, this is your bull.

THR 102J
Attention x B52

A unique bull that we are confident to breed heifers and cows alike, Homo Polled. Extremely attractive, great marked and well balanced. 102J is a heifer’s first calf off a beautiful uddered B52 daughter backed by the 36W cow who may have the best udder on the place at 13 years old. It is rewarding making one great looking with enough muscle and punch to suite multiple facets of the business.

THR 105J
Attention x Z303

Dark red, big goggles and ready to work in your heifer pen. A heifer’s first calf that has a shot of extra length is really smooth built in his transition from shoulder and fore rib. Plus he has the right head shape for a solid calving ease option.

THR 106J
Attention x Tahoe 23B

This moderate framed bull we think carries the muscle and substance to balance up from the side. His mother is a moderate framed, real easy doing cow with a great udder. She is a cow most pick out when stopping in for a visit. Marked right, wide based and soggy made.

THR 107J
Visa x NJW Foundation

When you see 107J in the pen you immediately think beef bull. Big topped, loaded with natural muscle and expression. His full brothers in the past have all been highly marked in the pen and he is no slouch either. His dam has not missed for us.

THR 108J
Attention x Beyond

If you stop in, I will show you this bulls mother 36W. She will sell the bull more than a slick footnote. There are two cows in our herd we have never sold a direct daughter off of, 36W is one of them. 108J is a moderate framed bull that has the right stuff. He is stout enough, bold ribbed and gets out and moves. If you need to cover some larger framed heifers with the cows, we think he works for that too. Light Scurred.

CTHR 116J Attention x B52

116J is a tank. He is so deep and soggy plus from behind has more than enough muscle. His mother is a maternal sister to the dam of 106J and produced our high selling bull last year. We have several calves off that Maternal brother in 2022 and they are at the top end of quality. Scurred.

ITHR 118
704E x SHF Cannon

A heifer’s first calf. We recommend for heifers or cows. Moderate framed, extremely sound structured and bold ribbed. This is an easy doing bull that reminds us a bunch of his home raised journeyman sire, 704E.

THR 119J
Attention x Canuck

Character, shape, balance, pedigree, this bull has it all. We think he is really good. His mother is the second cow we have never sold a female off of. Her daughters have produced many high sellers and a Reserve National Champion Bull, CWA 2021.

THR 121J
Attention x The Goods

A bull with this type of look and style that still has some muscle shape and body is just what his sire has consistently done for us. His maternal sister just calved out for some friends and she is wicked.

Ladies of the Prairies Hereford Sale
Online Sale October 10th with SC Online Sales
We are extremely excited to welcome you to view our sale offering. A new Hereford sale brought to you by progressive Herefords breeders located in Saskatchewan, Canada. Taking the jump and going online with SCO is something totally new for Canadian Hereford breeders. The females in this sale come from the heart of each program and are backed by breeders with the utmost integrity and passion for great cattle. Please feel free to contact any of the consignors if you want to visit and learn more about any of the lots. If you are looking for a show heifer with big time replacement potential, outcross genetics or bred females ready to make you money, that is what our group of three consignors are all about. Again welcome and we sure hope to talk Herefords with you again. This sale will be held in Canadian Dollar Values.
- Kurtis Reid

TAG #1
TCF JVJ 155E Peggy 109J

Attention x 719T, THR 109J
DOB: January 8, 2021
Tattoo: THR 109J
Dark red and goggle eyed, 109J is a female that combines substance, body and femininity. She's an immediate eye catcher. This cow family is layered with beautiful uddered, power cows that don't disappoint. Being a good looking, bold ribbed heifer with the right muscle shape and a sweet hind leg leads us to believe she will be successful whichever path her new owner takes with her.

TAG #2
TCF 155E Eyes On Me 120J

Attention x The Goods, THR 120J
DOB: January 27, 2021
Tattoo: THR 120J
A favorite, how could she not be? David is not a fan of selling her. We are all in on females that have the build, power and muscle to make cows. When they are nice skulled, good fronted and will balance up incredibly well on a halter, that's the goal. The 63U cow family that backs her pedigree is just no miss, only the second female we've ever sold off the cow family. We'll be showing a full sib by blood bull calf this fall.

TAG #3
TCF C 75D Allegra 115J

Visa 75D x McCoy Applause, CTHR 115J
DOB: January 17, 2021
Tattoo: CTHR 115J
The final Visa 75D heifer calf we will sell. Visa daughters are key contributors at TCF, he is one of the most consistent bulls we have ever used. Allegra just has that cowy look. She's hard to pick a hole in with her length of body, a shot of extra muscle and as well built in her skeleton as any. We will calve her full sister in 2022 and they are peas in a pod giving us the confidence to offer Allegra to represent our herd in yours.

TAG #4
TCF JVJ 155E Halo 104J

Attention x About Time, THR 104J
DOB: January 1, 2021
Tattoo: THR 104J
Since we've had the amazing opportunity to take on the JVJ herd, her dam 4C has not missed putting a heifer in the sale or a bull in the top cut. Halo we think follows along that path. From the side she's a female that has the depth and boldness of rib to really balance with that right kind of muscle and structural integrity.

TAG #5
TCF JVJ 704E Boom Gal 2H

704E x Visa 75D, THR 2H
DOB: January 1, 2020
Tattoo: THR 2H
We kept back this female to make her into a really solid bred heifer and she has not disappointed. Top and bottom side of her pedigree are cow families that have made lasting impression in our herd. Moderate in her skeleton but she packs a punch while still being that easy feeding kind.
Bred to GHC C5 Attention 155E, observed bred March 29

TAG #6
TCF JVJ 75D Bailey 14H

Visa 75D x TH Bailout, THR 14H
DOB: January 16, 2021
Tattoo: THR 14H
After calving out Visa daughters and having two maternal sisters in our herd, confidence in this one is high. 14H the honest broody type female that is great in her lines, has the stoutness and performance to work. Backed by cow families because cow families build consistency.
Bred to TCF B52 Sonic Boom 704E, observed bred April 12

TAG #7

MHPH 521X ACTION 106A x Stud/Benchmark, MAN 129J
DOB: January 23, 2021
Tattoo: MAN 129J
This is a neat package deal! MAN 803F is unique in her genetic makeup and has already proven herself to be highly productive. We retained her 2020 heifer and she is one of our absolute favorites in our bred heifer pen this year. Her MHPH 521x Action 106A heifer calf at her side speaks for herself! A well-balanced female with power and eye appeal. The MHPH Action 106A daughters in our herd all have exceptional udders and are super consistent, productive females

TAG #8

CHURCHILL STUD 3134A x Benchmark, MAN 803F
DOB: January 5, 2018
Tattoo: MAN 803F
This is a neat package deal! MAN 803F is unique in her genetic makeup and has already proven herself to be highly productive. We retained her 2020 heifer and she is one of our absolute favourites in our bred heifer pen this year. Her MHPH 521x Action 106A heifer calf at her side speaks for herself! A well balanced female with power and eye appeal. The MHPH Action 106A daughters in our herd all have exceptional udders and are super consistent, productive females. 803F is AI bred to WORR OWEN Tankeray y79D (April 6), a sire we have used extensively in our AI program, and we are so pleased with how much extra “pop” and eye appeal all of his calves have. This should prove to be a very interesting mating!
AI bred to: WORR OWEN Tankeray y79D April 6 2021
Pasture exposed to: JDL Hellboy Y79D 118H. April 19- June 17

TAG #9

HF 12C 50 SHADES FREEDOM 42E x Action/Eli, MAN 51H
DOB: February 29, 2020
Tattoo: MAN 51H
A very eye appealing package with exceptional volume and a feminine front end. Our “Pin Up” cow family never seems to disappoint us and 51H is a true example to this predictable cow family. She is correct in her conformation with an attractive set of EPD's.
AI ed to Churchill Majestic 903G et April 16
Safe to AI date

TAG #10

DOB: March 11, 2021
Tattoo: TVCC 113J
This is a female that we feel will develop into an excellent show heifer; she has a ton of potential! Hair, style, that rocket front third, and added pigment that never hurts. She also possesses a lot of maternal in her pedigree, with the likes of Pearl, Online, Tessa and Tanya cow families. Her dam is one of the nicest uddered, biggest bodied cows you will find. Once you're done showing her, she will make a highly productive, beautiful uddered cow like her mother.

TAG #11

TH FRONTIER 174E x Liner/Reno, TVCC 123J
DOB: March 16, 2020
Tattoo: TVCC 123J
One of the few Frontier daughters we had this year. We are very high on the Frontier sire group in terms of added muscle shape, pigment and a very soft maternal look to his females. A female that will be extremely flexible to breed with her low birth and high growth numbers.

TAG #12

HAROLDSON'S LINER 521X 12Z x Reno/T100, HMS 37D
DOB: April 7, 2016
Tattoo: HMS 37D
Here is a female that exemplifies what we hold to high importance in our herd- sound, good footed, low maintenance with an excellent udder that will stand the test of time. The pigment she has and passes onto her progeny is an added bonus. We love her Grand Slam bred she has left us, and her Frontier daughter selling at her side will be every bit as good. She carries an exciting service to Empower, which has left us absolutely amazed at this past year's calf crop.
Exposed to HARVIE OVHF EMPOWER 5F ET from April 7 to July 7, 2021

TAG #14 - Flush
Harvie Ms. Unlimited 132B

Harvie Dan T-Bone 196T x RVP 2013 Unlimited 14U
We are proud to offer one flush on Ms. Unlimited. We selected her as our choice from the Harvie dispersal for her true cow power, explosive dimension, impeccable structure and maternal ability. She has a proven track record on her natural calves; a quality that we look for in a foundation donor female. She has done extremely well for Harvie's, and us. She raised us a beautiful United daughter this year. You won't find a cow that breeds any truer and more consistent than Ms. Unlimited. She is open and ready to flush, and has a good flush track record.
TERMS: Seller guarantees six (6) grade 1 embryos to the bull of the buyers choice. Any embryos below six (6) will be prorated back to the buyer. Any embryos above six (6) will be split 50/50 between buyer and the seller. Buyer incurs the cost of flush and semen expenses. Flush will be done by a certified embryo technician, and will occur at a certified embryo facility.

For more info please contact:
The Cliffs Farm - Kurtis (306) 280-6858 | David (306) 221-7039
Manchester Polled Herefords - Kari Rae (306) 893-8148 | Darren (306) 228-7462
Torch View - Matt (306) 812-9233 | Carissa (306) 812-9136

Sale to be conducted in Canadian Dollars, contact Kurtis for current exchange rate.
Sellers reserve the rights to one successful flush on all live lots with a minimum of 6 Grade 1/A eggs at owners' convenience and sellers expense on all females sold.
*Each animal becomes the purchaser's risk immediately after the animal is sold. All animals in this sale will be sold under the terms and guarantees set forth by the Canadian Hereford Association with regard to health, freedom from defects and from both reproductive and specific genetic soundness.
*Trucking or transport of animals is the purcahsers responsibility
*We recommend purchasing insurance following the closing of the sale
*All farm visitors enter premises at own risk.
Seller reserves the right to a successful flush of a minimum 6 Grade A/#1 embryos at the buyers convinience and sellers expense.

Take the Lead Club Calf Sale
Online Sale October 11th with SC Online Sales
We are very excited to take the final step and go fully online with SCO this year. We appreciate your interest in our sale and welcome you to view the offering. We genuinely look forward to working with your family and helping to encourage along the way. We have numerous years experience and are fortunate enough to travel more than any other in Canada viewing show cattle and watching how they develop. We are truly passionate about raising good quality calves that are complete and presented to you as we see them everyday. If you have any questions, even the smallest inkling, please call us. We love to talk cattle and can help you in finding the right calf that fits what you are looking for. This sale will be held in Canadian Dollar Values.
- Kurtis Reid

LOT #1
Red Brockle Steer

Monopoly x 411, Walks Alone/Hereford/412
DOB: January 2, 2021
This red Brockle puts it all together. Muscle, power, look, presence. It's hard to build them like him. We want to be straight up, he does have vision impairment, lack of far sight. From the Jade 412 cow family this cow has produced Res National Champion Maintainer Female, 3 retained daughters, multiple highly competitive steers.

LOT #2
Black Steer

Black Power Play x 12D, Ready 2 Rumble/ Z6 Hereford/Angus
DOB: January 4, 2021
A black hairy steer with the heavyweight punch. He doesn't sacrifice look or structure but has the capabilities to separate himself combining his muscle and shape. A good looking, power fat steer is his end point. Dam has produced high selling heifer and steers in the Take the Lead. Owned w Blythe Clemence.

LOT #3
Black Steer

Monopoly x Alias/Maine
DOB: January 14, 2021
High quality look, real square built and big hipped. He is super gentle and loves to be worked on. Full brother was sold by MLC/ESS and was a many time champion for the Birscher family in Michigan.

LOT #4
Black Steer

All The Way Up x 131C, PB Simmental
DOB: March 12, 2021
A younger steer that pops off in terms of muscle and performance. With that extra pop he is still nice headed and clean chested. One that will feed and compete to your expectations. We think he'll be tough at his end point. Owned with Spence's

LOT #5
Hereford Marked Steer

Hereford x E178, Hereford/Shorty/Rainmaker
DOB: March 17, 2021
A Hereford marked steer with good hair and potential. He's well balanced, has a great hip and hind leg and will put it together when it counts.

LOT #6
Hereford Marked Steer

Hereford, 704E x G25, Clean Machine/411 Walks
DOB: January 8, 2021
Hereford marked steer that is sound, sound, well balanced and has a gentle temperament. He has exploded since weaning and we are big fans of this guy. Put him on feed and he won't disappoint. Scurred. Mother is a sister to the Mono/Walks steer.

LOT #7
Red Brockled Steer

Hereford, 704E x G26, Clean Machine/ Unstoppable
DOB: January 12, 2021
A red brockle off the Jane cow family. Good haired, easy growing type with rib dimension and top. A candidate to feed as easy as any and has a great attitude suitable for all ages.

LOT #8
Black Blaze Steer

All The Way Up x 31D, PB Simmental
DOB: March 16, 2021
When a Black Baldy steer that will feed and perform also has muscle, balance and structural integrity it's easy to like them. This is one of David's favorites. Hereford marked maternal sister was highly successful for the Altstadt family in 2021 (4H Club Reserve Female, PA Regional Champion Hereford). Owned with Spence's

LOT #9
Black Brockle Steer

All the Way Up x E19, Hereford
DOB: February 26, 2021
An eye catching black brockle who's maternal brother was a crowd favorite class winning Hereford steer at PA Regional last year. We like the body, bone and hip in this calf.

LOT #10
Black Steer

All the Way Up x 232D, PB Simmental
DOB: February 1, 2021
Here is the stoutest built, biggest boned steer in the offering. Heavy weights play, especially when they are sound with rib shape. Owned with Spence's

LOT #11
Black Steer

Angus x 8004, Hi Ho Silver/PH Simmi
DOB: April 10, 2021
Killer look, super square, big topped and he gets out traveling with style. Just an APRIL baby, backed by a wicked good Hi Ho cow. If your end point is a bit later, do not miss this calf. Owned with Reid.

LOT #12
Black Steer

Angus x 7094, BIM/Angus
DOB: April 20, 2021
Clean fronted and real smooth. This steer takes his neck right out the top of his shoulder, has an appealing hip and hind leg and the pieces to put it together on feed. A MID APRIL calf that will be a bunch of fun. Owned with Reid.

LOT #14
Black Choice Cross Heifer Calf

Silveiras Style 9303 x TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B, (THC PHAF)
DOB: January 6, 2021
Honest quality, big time genetics built to compete and succeed as cows. They are just that good. You pick one, we keep one. A great mentor of mine gave me the advice that you need to offer these types of females when you have absolute confidence in them to grow your brand.

LOT #15
Black Brockle Choice Cross Heifer Calf

Silveiras Style 9303 x TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B, (THC PHAF)
DOB: January 17, 2021
Honest quality, big time genetics built to compete and succeed as cows. They are just that good. You pick one, we keep one. A great mentor of mine gave me the advice that you need to offer these types of females when you have absolute confidence in them to grow your brand.

LOT #16
Black Baldy Cross Heifer Calf

Hereford, Attention 155E x TCF I-67 Bailey 17E, I-67/ 411 Walks (THF PHAF)
DOB: February 5, 2021
Study how well built this female is. Substance and cow power. She is also a sweet heart to work with. When people describe what they want in a heifer… The look, right muscle and stoutness while being flawless in their structure, to me that is Tag 16 in the flesh. The dam (TCF I67 Bailey 17E ) is a Res National Champion Maintainer, mother of All The Way Up sire, sister to the Tag 1 Mono/Walks Steer.

LOT #17
Black Cross Heifer Calf

All the Way Up x C9, Hereford/Angus
DOB: January 12, 2021
After we weaned, this heifer really turned it on and we took note! A cross heifer with some extra skeletal extension, real well balanced and good looking. We have calved her maternal sister in the herd and are very happy with her. This solid black heifer is feminine fronted with ample rib shape and muscle, she'll be one to watch.

LOT #19
Red Baldy Bred Heifer

Clean Machine x B16, Hereford/Angus
DOB: January 2, 2020
We think this bred heifer has power in the pedigree! She is from our ‘16' cow family that has produced many top sellers, our Dianna 12D cow that needs flushed and multiple females in our herd. We have calved several CM females and have been happy with them all. Double clean by pedigree, extremely versatile on what to breed her. AI to Carpe Diem 4/4/2021. Exposed to THR 704E Hereford Bull. Observed bred May 10, Preg Checked safe to bull breeding date.

LOT #20 - Flush
TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B

PB Hereford x B16, Maintainer
DOB: January 2, 2020
IVF Cycle on TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B. Flushes to be completed Spring/Summer of 2022. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with flush. Buyer is guaranteed 5 (five), grade 1 eggs, exportable flushs will be available. Buyer get the whole flush, no splits.

LOT #21 - Flush
TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B

PB Hereford x B16, Maintainer
DOB: January 2, 2020
IVF Cycle on TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B. Flushes to be completed Spring/Summer of 2022. Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with flush. Buyer is guaranteed 5 (five), grade 1 eggs, exportable flushs will be available. Buyer get the whole flush, no splits.
Consigned by:
The Cliffs Farm
Kurtis (306) 280-6858 | David (306) 221-7039

*All animals sell as is, where is without soundness, health and feeding guarantees.
*Crossbred heifers sell with no breeding guarantees.
*Animals become responsibility and liability of the purchaser upon closing of each lot.
*We recommend purchasing insurance following the closing of the sale.
*All farm visitors enter premises at own risk.
Seller reserves the right to a successful flush of a minimum 6 Grade A/#1 embryos at the buyers convinience and sellers expense.

2021 Private Treaty Bulls For Sale

Kurtis- 306 280-6858   David- 306 221-7039

Visa x Safari
The 161T cow family has built a strong pillar within our herd. 4H exemplifies added performance and skeletal extension. If you are needing that extra pop and grow on your next calf crop this thick haired, well marked bull with extra bone and length is the ticket.

Visa x The Goods/63U
We feel this bull is real good. His mother is one of those up and coming cows in our herd that we have growing expectations for. She produced the high selling bull last year and in 2021 looks to have knocked another one out with her heifer calf, her momma 63U is an OG cow for us. This bull is marked right, has a great look and really puts a balanced package together with muscle and structural integrity.

Visa x NJW Foundation/161T
This big ribbed, soggy made bull is of a moderate framed, beautiful uddered 161T daughter that has never missed. As referenced previously, that 161T cow family is important around here. Sound, sound, big tool box and performance with the right shape.

Visa x Boomer 18L
12h is a big-topped herd sire prospect that has an extra shot of shape and length of body. A touch more moderate than his pen mates but still weights up and passes the eye test for a producer looking to add that muscle and look. His dam is an impressive female; her heifer calf is already on the 'keep' list.

Visa x Beyond
Maternal is the first word that comes to mind with 16H. His mother is a perfect uddered 12 year old female that has made bull buyers into long time friends. His sisters are really working well for us in the herd. A bull that balances up extremely well from the side and has the boldness of rib and muscle to impress. Don't miss this bull!

Visa x Canuck
Off one of our Original Cows, 63U. A Canuck cow that is a top pick of everyone that comes and visits us, plus we have never sold a female off her yet! Dark red, extra eye appealing, stout built, great footed and more. He is a solid, real world bull that in person is hard not to appreciate.

Visa x The Goods/161T
The bull in the pen that is the neatest fronted and squarest hipped. Another 161T cow family descendant. Study his video, the way this bull moves off his hip/hind leg and still having the substance and body makes for an intriguing her bull option.

704E x Tahoe 23B/10Y
Sired off our home raised 704E bull and backed with a Tahoe daughter off the SHF U06 donor cow, the bloodlines exemplify what we have been building for numerous years. We like the skull of this bull and how smooth he transitions from his shoulder to fore rib. He's level topped and has some pop to his stifle.

Visa x Roots
A well marked, extra pigment/goggle eyed bull that on the move really catches your eye. He has a huge top, bold rid design and that extra shot of overall body length. This is a big time dual threat bull, his steers will perform and weight up, his females will be so attractive you'll end up with a pen full of them come fall sort. This is one to tie to.

Visa x B52/10Y
From day one we have felt this bull just had that next level opportunity to develop into something special. Yet we don't feel a bull can elevate expectations without the backing of a great female/cow family and his mother does not disappoint. This bull is very good, a combination of the traits we have been working to put together. As we continue to say around here, Carlyle's cow strikes again. His grandmother will be lined up to flush this spring, his mothers will be following in those footsteps soon.

Owned by Mortenson Farms, Nokomis SK.

Power Play x Rumble
We had high hopes for this bull from the start. 3/8 Maine registered and off a beautiful cow, backed with beautiful cows. The '16' cow family just doesn't miss in our Maine/Cross program. She's truly a deal sealer. Power Move is an absolute unit that combines power, shape and structural integrity. Unique in his look and just so dang complete. THF, PHAF and Homo Polled.

2020 Private Treaty Sale

THR 905G
Churchill Rock x About Time
January 2, 2019
We think the extra rib and muscle in this bull is impressive. He has a big ole top and is the highest preforming bull in the pen. Plus he is hairy hairy! His mother is a stand out About Time cow that is extremely consistent and high quality.

THR 914G

Axiom B52 x The Goods
A heifer's first calf that blew the doors off! Calving Ease PLUS Monster Performance. Massive ribbed, deep and stout. This bull comes from our 63U cow family, we don't have all day so I won't go into detail how important they are to the backbone of our program.

THR 915G
Axiom B52 x TH Farve
His Mother 2D is pictured on our website, she is fantastic. Our good friends and repeat customers that purchased this bull said, "You know, we need to keep the length in cattle, your bulls have that length and their calves weight up because of that. We can't get cattle too short, they are no good too me." Long, square built and marked right. He fits the bill.

THR 918G
Axiom B52 x The Goods
Another big, soggy middled bull that is short marked describes 918G. His mother is a full sister to the mother of 914G. He has some length of neck, is smooth shouldered and opens up into ample muscle and volume down his top and through his center body. A dang good bull. Scurred.

THR 923G
The Goods x NJW Hometown 10Y
923G is a combination of muscle, shape and extra hair in a moderate framed package. His mother is top of the list for the next Hereford Donor cow at The Cliffs Farm. He is a very impressive bull worthy of your appraisal in the pen. He is packed full of good, we sure are proud of this one.

THR 927G
Axiom B52 x The Goods
A heifer's first calf that has developed real well. A long bodied bull that is hairy and very correct in his structural build. This bull is so dang quiet, he just isn't in a hurry and was tough picturing. If you want one off a good cow family, extra easy to handle and will add length and shape to your calves, you better circle him.

2019 Lead Bid Off Sale
Opens October 12th, bids due 10pm the 13th. Phone bid off to follow.
Open house October 12, noon to dark.
Kurtis 306-280-6858
David 306-221-7039

Lot 1
Dakota Gold x Curly Jane (Unstoppable)
January 2, 2019
This blondie will beat all the boys in an arm wrestle but is cute enough they will try to steal a kiss after. Extra shape and bone with the rib and gentle disposition to compliment. This is an awesome market heifer.

Lot 2
Clean Machine x Ready 2 Rumble.

February 16, 2019
A great necked, clean chested black brockle that has a big ole top and hip. A combination of look, muscle and good hair. Full sister had great success last year in Southern Alberta.
Owned with Clemence.

Lot 3
Black Power Play x Hereford/RAng.

January 20, 2019
A really attractive, power steer that just has 'it'. This calf is going to feed, perform and get better every day. Great build, balance and crazy hairy. It's tough to make them like this one. We recommend this calf for a more experienced family.

Lot 4
Clean Machine x Hereford/RAng.
January 22, 2019
A square built calf with extra fuzz. A steer that should feed well with the right amount of muscle and bone. A Red brockle always catches your eye, the future potential of this calf is legit. This is David's pick of the group, he usually does not point anyone wrong!

Lot 5
Clean Machine x PB Hereford.
February 15, 2019
This baldy always has a neat look. From behind he has width and squareness down his top and plenty of natural muscle. He will have the size and gas for an early show. Off a top end JVJ cow that for only 2 days was in with Clean Machine. Seriously, don't miss this one.

Lot 6
Hereford x Shorty/Maine
February 15, 2019
Colour is fun, but we can not sacrifice butt, body and bone in a market steer. The best thing about that statement is this Roan guy doesn't do that! Plus he is easy to work with and fuzzy. The square shorthorn look with that Hereford do-ability. Bonanza 2020 anyone???
Raised by W5.

Lot 7
Clean Machine x Wilbar Ruby, PB Angus.
February 12, 2019
On picture day lot 7 had foot-rot! We will get him done ASAP.
This steer could very well be the squarest built one of the group. Everything we expect in a competitive fat steer. Good fronted, bold ribbed and muscled up. We like him a lot.

Lot 8
Clean Machine x Halls 807(Debull)
February 7, 2019
If you are in the market for a real sweet made, long necked heifer that is extra extra hairy, this one fits. Real high quality. If you are in the business of breeding and raising money makers pay attention, this one is bred right.
Owned with Paul's.

Lot 9
Clean Machine x Italian Stallion
January 14, 2019
We think the extra length of body and easy stride of this female is ideal for longevity. Plenty of shape and rib to match. Off an outstanding cow. We want show heifers that make cows afterwards.
Owned with Paul's.

Lot 10
Clean Machine x MAF PB Sim
April 6, 2019
This April girl has it right in our mind. A big bodied heifer with that broody softness cattle producers appreciate. Real powerful but still feminine skulled and clean lined. Her momma will be living at TCF this fall for a reason.
Raised by Spence.

Lot 11
Bred Heifer. Visa 75D x Cardinal 57T, THR 825F
February 2, 2018
Backed with genetics proven to work. Bred for January to our calving ease THR 704E bull. We appreciate the presence and style of this female because she has ample muscle and substance. We like some umph in our females because they have to be profitable from calf one, udder quality for this cow family has always been a ++.


Lot 12
The Goods 305A x Volume II, THR 920G
January 25, 2019
The only reason she is in the sale... she is a partnership heifer. Rednex has the full sister and are very happy. We have lost The Goods, this is the last natural bred one we will sell. Pigment, eye appeal, performance, shape, cow family. Look at her hip and hind leg. Entered at Agribition, we would be happy to work with the new owners if you want her shown.
Owned with Spence

Lot 14
KCF Bennett D519 x Axiom B52, CTHR 922G
February 2, 2019
Carlyle's heifer keeps getting better every day. Beautifully balanced from the side and EPD wise. An out cross genetic package backed by the U06 cow family. They have been no miss. Moderate birthweight with solid performance, just what breeders search for.

Lot 15
Axiom B52 x NJW Foundation, THR 916G

January 17, 2019
We keep talking cow families for a reason, we feel that is the key to consistency and quality. From our 161T cow family this heifer we like quite a bit. Soft made and smooth she is relaxed in the angle to her shoulder and really gets out on the move. Her mother is a hard-working moderate cow with a great udder. A female that will be ultra-versatile in future breeding options.

Lot 16
Buyers choice flush
Dam: TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B
Maintainer, TCF 4B

Guarantee a minimum of 6 (six) number 1 embryos.
All fees and costs of flushing, storage and export will be covered by purchaser. Jane is open and ready to flush. Currently averaging 10 frozen per flush.


Lot 17
3 Embryos
TCF 727X Curly Jane 4B x Silveiras Style 9303

Eggs stores at Sundowner in AB. Fully exportable

Lot 18
3 embryos
Black Jade 412 x Monopoly
Eggs stores at Sundowner in AB. Fully exportable.

Lot 19
3 embryos
Hall's 807 x Italian Stallion

Full sibs to Danker Market Heifer.
Eggs stores at Sundowner in AB. Fully exportable.

Lot 20
3 units
Sire: Smilin Bob
Stored on farm.

Lot 21
2 units
Sire: CRR About Time 743
Stored on farm.

Lot 22
2 units
Sire: SHF Wonder M326 W18
Stored on farm.


All females purchased in our sale can be brought back to be bred by us for your desired calving time-frame. AI or exposed to a proven calving ease bull. We also offer the option of one free straw of semen from our tank to breed your heifer at home. PLUS If you purchase a female from The Cliffs Farm you have the option to be registered at no cost in the Canadian Junior Hereford Association or the Canadian Junior Maine Anjou Association. Many of the lots quality for Bonanza 2020, if you purchase a female we will work with you to feed, breed, break and haul her to the show. Any female left with us must be insured.
We think females need some substance and muscle to be profitable. We have a hard time sacrificing udder quality and performance to boot. We hope everyone is able to come see our cattle and herd in person, it would be great to visit with you. But if you are not able to make it to Hepburn, we are committed to giving you the most honest and accurate assessment of the cattle we can. We want the cattle to match anything we say or present so you can have the utmost confidence.
Kurtis- 306-280-6858
David- 306-221-7039

  2019 Private Treaty Bull Offering
For Additional Details please contact Kurtis 306-280-6858 or David 306-221-7039.
Churchill Sensation x IGH 2D
(TH Farve)

The type of calving ease bull we all travel to find. Bred right, born right, built right and has not sacrificed from a performance standpoint. From a good head and smooth shoulder this bull puts it together with enough rib shape and muscle to warrant a second look. His added hair is a big time plus too. Off a fist calver, we have some big-time expectations of the 2D cow after she had another real nice bull calf again this year. 801F does have small scurs.

Axiom B52 x THR 520C
(NJW Foundation)

This long-feathered bull strikes you with that easy doing look. A cow bull prospect that comes from our 161T cow family and is bred to be loaded with maternal merit. Moderate in size with the natural muscle and shape to make an impact on your next calf crop. This is the 2/2 his mother has put a good quality bull in our pen. She is calved out and ready for inspection.

Visa 75D x IGH 4C (About Time)
807F has had a presence from day one. An extremely attractive look that catches your eye just like his mother in the cow pen. She is always one visitors pick out. Great through his front end, proud in how he moves and that little extra pop of muscle shape. A well-balanced bull no doubt with a great EPD profile. HOMO POLLED.

Axiom B52 x TGK 8C
(Route 66 Grand Daughter)

Dark red, big time pigment and performance. With a heifer friendly birthweight to boot. An extremely long bodied bull that is great in his skeletal build. We have always admired how this bull travels and think he is built for the long haul. We have always felt some cattle are getting too short and we need to keep length in order to have more pounds and longevity.

Axiom B52 x THR 623D (The Goods)
A powerful bull that is massive ribbed and extremely hairy. Another bull that comes from our 161T cow family so to say he is backed by great momma cows is an understatement. A bull that in person you just appreciate for checking all the right boxes. Soundness. Muscle. Body. Performance. Balance. 814F is scurred.

Visa 75D x THR 415B (Sonic)
This bull is very Very VERY good. I don't need to say much more, just come see him. The type I feel will advance a cow herd immediately. We are not big breeders but punch in that quality category consistently. HOMO POLLED.

Visa 75D x AKJA 63U (Canuck)
We don't sell daughters off 63U, ever. Dark red with lots of pigment and scrotal development. Visa has sired both females and bulls of consistent quality, we feel 821F with 63U backing him will do BIG THINGS. HOMO POLLED.

Visa 75D x THR 512C (The Goods) An absolute powerhouse! This rugged built, hairy bull is monster ribbed, huge topped and from behind as stout as you'll find one. In combination with the Gloria cow family backing 822F, his extra foot size and depth of heal his progeny will excel. His mother produced the high selling female in the 2017 Take The Lead Bid Off.

Take the Lead Bid-off Sale 2018

TCF 75D Daddy's Girl 820F

TCF W 75D Miss Platinum 817F

TCF 75D Calla 830F

TCF 75D Teal 809F

TCF 305A Good Lady 707E

Clean Machine x Dianna 12D (Maine/Hereford)

Clean Machine x Hereford/Red Angus

General Lee X Simmental/Angus

One in the Chamber X Charolais

Clean Machine X Halls 807 (DeBull/Galloway)

Monopoly x Char/Hereford

Hereford (Cannon) x Hereford (Foundation)

Hereford (B52) x Unstoppable/Black Jade

Hereford (B52) x Unstoppable/Black Jade

Halls 807 (DeBull/Galloway) x Italian Stallion

Black Jade 412R x Man Among Boys

TH 71U 719T Mr Hereford 11X

CRR About Time 743

SHF Wonder M326 W18

Man Among Boys (MAB)

> Sale Sheet - Click Here

2017/2018 bulls for sale






TCF 305A


Tattoo: THR AKJA 725E

Take the Lead Phone Bid-off Sale
October 7 & 8 2017
Hepburn SK
Kurtis 306-220-2226
David 306-221-7039
Selene 306-531-3663

Lot 1 - Steer
Sire: Chopping Wood
Dam: Red Angus Cross
Birthdate: February 5

A powerhouse lover ’s dream. Extra stout, extra sound, Big legged and big middled. Ya don’t eat the tail and he does not need it to balance he is so well made. This calf has excelled from the get go and is ready to win now and down the stretch. Easy feeding type everyone loves and colour is winning bigtime. Raised by Chad Haaland.

Lot 2 - Steer
Sire: General Lee
Dam: Sim/Angus
Birthdate: March 28

This calf is WICKED! Great necked, smooth shouldered, bold ribbed, plus he has the top and hip to win. His hip and hind leg structure are impeccable, he just has the look. If you want to make a splash with an extremely competitive steer, look no further. This General Lee has the potential to be BIG TIME. Raised by Rodney Reid.


Lot 3 - Steer
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Hall's 807 (De Bull)
Birthdate: February 5

Talk about a great look and presence form the side to stand out. This Monopoly off our 807 donor keeps getting better every day. Long necked, clean chested with enough shape from behind to be tough. Keep him on feed and his potential with surpass expectations. Maternal sib to Danker Market Heifer. Owned with the Paul's.

Lot 4 - Steer
Sire: Italian Stallion
Dam: 89 (Char/Hereford)
Birthdate: January 1

- Big red is a stout sucker! He is a maternal brother to Sibbald's many time champion in 2015 and a class winner at Saskatoon 4H Regional 2017 for Alex Dickinson. Red is monster topped and will out muscle the competition. I also really like that for a red coloured steer he has big hair.


Lot 5 - Steer
Sire: Red Angus
Dam: Curly Jane (Unstoppable)
Birthdate: March 3

This steer is off our Curly Jane donor. Really sound, has that super easy feeding build combined with a great look and hair. He has been on his mother all summer at Dr. Millers being flushed so he did not quite get the TLC. Good fronted with muscle and bone, the future is bright for this calf. Thank you to Chase and Alana for doing up his picture and video.

Lot 6 - Steer
Sire: Hereford
Dam: Jade Carpe Diem
Birthdate: February 24

An extremely gentle and easy to handle calf that will work for any aged show person. He is a Hereford cross and will do great on feed. We like the muscle shape in this calf and as he matures he will become that much stouter. He will turn some heads come 4H time.


Lot 7- Purebred Hereford Heifer Calf
Sire: Lowen GHC 33T Axiom B52 ET (Okie)
Dam: TCF 305A Gloria 512C (TCF JVJ 11X The Goods 305A)
Birthdate: January 2

Our lead off Purebred heifer calf. Our first offering off our calving ease specialist Okie and a leading Goods Daughter from our most prolific cow family. A real sweet made heifer that has such a beautiful sweep of rib and added depth back through her rear rib and flank. She exemplifies cow power. Her mother's udder is fantastic; we always expect great things from a Gloria Daughter.
*We are retaining the show rights on this female to campaign beside her mother this fall.

Lot 8- Purebred Hereford Heifer Calf
Sire: TCF JVJ 11X The Goods 305A
Dam: GHC Miss Susie 161T (PCA Vic's Safari 12K 12M)
Birthdate: January 22

A full sister to a high seller from last year's sale off our 161T donor. This heifer calf has a little extra jam compared to her full sister. Very smooth made, high capacity type of female with enough look that people will need to stop and analyze. Goods daughters are making big time cows. It's not often herd sire can have such success in the ring, longevity out breeding and then blow the competition out of the water producing consistent offspring. The Goods also has been recognized as CHA Gold Trophy sire, the only one of the 2016 Agribition Senior bulls to do so, heck he may be the only "A" sire also. Proof is in the pudding as they say. Owned with the Wiebe's.


Lot 9- Purebred Hereford Heifer Calf
Sire: TCF JVJ 11X The Goods 305A
Dam: TGK 131S Yolande 3Y (GHC Volume II 131S)
Birthdate: February 3

If you are looking for a heifer out of a long time established cow family pay attention. We took on the 8T cow family from Wayne and Linda Spence for this very reason, CONSISTENCY. This dark red Goods daughter is eye appealing, long bodied and ready to impress as she matures. Structurally fault free with muscle. If they don't have top and hip in a female how are they going to raise profitable offspring? Owned with Wayne and Linda Spence.

Lot 10- Heifer Calf
Sire: Monopoly
Dam: Wheatland 38N (Teddy 131L)
Birthdate: January 15

This is a breeding piece and bloodlines that you just can't find on a consistent basis. ET Full sister to the 2013 Stampede JR Steer Show Champion for Chase Miller. This Monopoly is off a Teddy 131L cow that was consistently producing high caliber offspring. Solid red, great look and substance. This heifer will compete at the top end of the class and make you money for years to come. Owned with Wheatland Cattle Co. TH/PHA Test Pending.


Lot 11- Heifer Calf
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Womanizer/Maine
Birthdate: January 20

Flashy black baldy with all the right pieces. This girl is going to be a big time momma cow! Extended through her front third with shape and muscle to back it up. Her mother is a top cow for the Clemence Family, the expect nothing less for this female. A performance heifer that will get it done and be versatile in breeding options. Raised by Clemence. TH/PHA test pending. Video in comments.

Lot 12- Embryo Package
Sire: Italian Stallion
Dam: Hall's 807

- Full sib embryos to Ashtyn Dankers many, many, many time champion Market heifer. The heifer never stood lower than Grand or Reserve Grand Market heifer.

International Export eligible


Lot 13- Embryo Package
Sire: Dakota Gold
Dam: Curley Jane

We cannot wait for this mating to hit the ground. One of the most dominant Maintainer females to be shown through 2014/2015. Dakota Gold is going to hit a home run with Curly Jane. With a great udder, structural longevity and that high quality, easy keeping look this is the type of cow we will continue to build around.

International Export eligible

Lot 14- Embryo Package
Sire: MAB
Dam: Black Jade 412

Black Jade 412 has been a no miss cow for us. As good as you can make em is how I describe this matron, truly the backbone of our show calf breeding program. 3 milking daughters/granddaughters, 2 bred replacement heifers, a natural replacement heifer and a great granddaughter weaned and in the show string. Also a full sib to this mating was one of Rocky Coulee Ranch's high selling females last year. She flushed 10 embryos this spring. Longevity, Maternal Powerhouse, Fertility.


Lot 15- Semen
Monopoly Original Semen, enough said.

Lot 16- Semen
MAB Original Semen. This is getting harder and harder to find in Canada.


Lot 17- Semen
CRR About Time Semen. If you want that show quality offspring this stuff works. Hard to find in Canada.

2016/2017 Private Treaty Bulls

SOLD - Thank you Janzen's
JVJ 719T Show Case 2C

JVJ 719T Silver Vic 8C

SOLD - Thank you Knull's
TCF 001A Sleep Easy 601D

TCF U06 Masterpiece ET 602D

TCF 305A revival 606D

SOLD - Thank you to Yuzik Farms
TCF 001A Anodyne 608D

SOLD - Thank You Standard Hill Livestock
TCF 305A Stacked 609D

TCF 305A Mr Underwood 614D

TCF 8Z Sure Bet 617D

TCF 305A Bank It 621D

TCF TGK 8Z Sure Bet 622D

First Annual Take the Lead Bid-off
Bids open 12pm September 30 - Close 5pm October 2
Open House October 1, 11am-Close

Click here to view information sheet

Lot 1
Purchased by Ross Maddsen

Lot 2
Purchased by A&M Ranching

Lot 3
Purchased by Don Black

Lot 4
Purchased by Keith Turpie

Lot 5
Purchased by Shannon Eaton

Lot 6
Purchased by Keith Turpie

Lot 7
Purchased by Rhetori Thompson

Lot 8
Purchased by Billy Paul

Lot 10
Purchased by Chad Haaland

Lot 13
Purchased by Brian Mack

Lot 14
Purchased by Chad Haaland

Lot 18
Purchased by Bar T Cattle

Lot 19
Purchased by
Tableland Cattle Co


Another great flush on a foundation cow.
Call for details, one package of Monopoly embryos still available.

This is a don’t miss cow that will build your program too


Monopoly   Man Amongst Boys