SINCE 1889

'Venerable'...aged, ancient, erudite, esteemed, old, patriarchal, and respected; any one of these words certainly describes the Reid family. The Cliff's farm is one of the oldest active Hereford herds in existence in Canada having registered its first purebred Hereford in 1894, when D.H. Reid registered the cow Daisy 750. She was born April 4, 1894; sired by King John 462 (who was bred by James Ewens of Alsfeldt, Ontario) and out of Rosette 9th (bred by F.W. Stone of Guelph, Ontario). In or around 1904, T.H and J.H. Reid moved west to Moosomin, Saskatchewan, bringing cattle from the home herd and several from the W.H. Hunter herd in Ontario. Now in its fifth generation comprised of Kyle, Kurtis and Kaitlyn Reid, who are still ably assisted by Grandpa Grant, their parents David and Kathy; the love of Herefords continues and possibly glows stronger than ever... certainly in Kurtis' mind! So, this is his story... [ READ MORE ]

by Kurtis Reid

The Reid's
are a family that has always been surrounded with the influence of agriculture. Since our family first set foot in Canada with the New World's promise of opportunity in their sight and a dream in their hearts, we have managed to survive through the good times and the bad. There have been seven generations of Reid's who have called this great country home and hopefully many more in the future. Being a Reid just doesn't mean coming from a line of farmers, honest hard working people and Hereford cattle breeders, it also mean you are a proud Canadian.

The Reid family journey to Canada started nearly 200 years ago, in Normandy County in England. Thomas Reid met a young lass from southern Scotland named Agnes Black. Agnes's father was actually a heralded piper and was ordered by the queen to play for her at every ceremony she held or attended. It was not long until they were happily married. Life in England was good, but the population was on the rise, land was scarce and there just wasn't enough room for a new couple who dreamed of raising a family and having a promising future. When the call for settlers came from Canada and the West, the Reid's answered. The promise of a better life and strong future attracted the couple's attention.

Thomas and Agnes Reid immigrated to Holstein, Ont. They bought a small farm, some cattle and started a new life of promise. Immigration to Canada meant a new start. Thomas had dreams like any other young married man, and a dream that came true was having a family with his wife Agnes. Thomas and Agnes were blessed with a family of six. They had four sons; William, John, Thomas Jr and David and two daughters; Elizabeth and Janet.

Then in 1883, William headed for the wide open prairies of the west, hoping to make his own mark...[ READ MORE ]